The Grown Up Chocolate Company is a young and growing brand, whose aim is to take chocolate, a product often related with childhood and create chocolate bars more in tune with the adult palette.
The company wanted to promote a new product, a personalised chocolate box, where the costumer could customize the visuals on the packaging and the flavour of the chocolate bars, directly from The Grown Up Company’s website.

Academic Project    |    2017    |    Packaging, UI

The proposal design is a survival box inspired by WW2 ration boxes, mainly conceived as a gift. The “sender” can
personalize the box, chocolate bars and upload a picture to insert in the tray directly from the company's website.
The tray can than be transformed in a photo-frame, thanks to an adhesive flap included in the box.

The Survival Kit Box’s Web-page:
You can find out more about this project on my portfolio.

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